15 iPhone Apps That You Should Have


15 Apps for your iPhone can either be your best friend or literally your enemy, especially, when they eat up your entire storage space. Among 1 million apps to choose from, we are here to offer you some of the best and unique ones, which can definitely make your life easier.

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  1. Noisli: Noisli is only a few years old, but the app has been extensively acclaimed for its effects on individual functionality and output. DJ your own mix of hums (rain, birds chirping, train tracks) that are recognized to help relieve stress and anxiety while you work, ponder or sleep. A must have app on your iPhone.

2. BillGuard: Organizing your finances can be one of the most important things to do for an adult. This is the reason why BillGuard is such a convenient tool for iPhone users. BillGuard helps you to manage your spending habits. It’s geared toward keeping you conscious of irregular spending and bills you need to pay for down the lane. It will even alert you numerous charges for services you may not even use anymore.


3. Co-Star: A very unique iPhone app, this is indeed for all those who believe a lot in signs and astrology. As an alternative of asking every person you meet their sun and moon signs, ask them to download Co-Star. The astrology app gives a detailed description of your compatibility based off of your birth charts and offers daily personalized readings regarding your “luck and opportunity,” “changes,” and “frustrations and challenges.”


4. Headspace: Headspace is ranked #9 in the app store under “Health and Fitness” due to its wonderful facility. The app’s guided meditations and simulated mindfulness coaches put you at comfort when you’re dealing with issues like compassion fatigue on a daily basis. It’s also been established to help you sleep better.

5. Order Healthy: As an alternative to picking up that same salad you already ate three times this week, use Order Healthy to find the healthiest options from your favourite restaurants. With contact to over 10,000 local joints, the app automatically filters the better options on the menu so you can have a low-calorie meal brought straight to your door.

6. Vivino: Selecting a bottle of wine seems like an unbearable task, Vivino gives you prompt access to hundreds of facts and review, simply snap a picture of the label. If you have no clue where to start, check out this amazing app to buy a bottle of wine you’ll love every time.

7. Dashlane: If you like to buy things online, Dashlane is your perfect destination. It automatically saves payment and confirmation info that would have or else been misplaced in your email. It permits you to keep track of your online expenditure and makes it easier for you to find your receipts.

8. Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker: This one is a very important app for girls. Flo uses artificial intelligence to forecast menstrual cycles while providing personalized health tips, communicating surveys, and analytical reports to help you understand your period patterns.

9. Photo Measures: Forget contractors; take a photograph of your soon-to-be-renovated home or apartment, then use the Photo Measures app to draw up the plans for your remodel. You’ll get an aim-proved idea of what space should look like along with the tools you need to make your dream come to life.

10. Goodreads: This app is the dreamland for book lovers, who want to track all their favorite e-reads at one place. You can even go through recommendations from others’ across the entire globe.

11. Mint: From the makers of TurboTax, Mint provides an easy, simple space for you to manage your financial plan at one place. Save time and money by tracking your spending, and monitoring your bills. No more late fees.

12. Dropbox: These days, there are a lot of cloud services to pick from, but Dropbox still ranks amongst one of the best, if only since it works so well on every platform. Dropbox permits you to save and view your files through multiple devices, including your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, as long as you have the internet to access them.

13. Duolingo: The language app that is a must-have in your iPhone. Imagine a world where language-learning tools that are as operative as Rosetta Stone are actually accessible for free on your iPhone. Become a pro at every language through this app.

14. Spotify: This is indeed the best music app in the marketplace is Spotify. With an exclusive collection of millions of songs and a huge friend network, Spotify brags the most seamless experience and bang for your buck.

15. Airbnb: The Airbnb app is a must-have on any break even if you didn’t actually book an Airbnb. Use the top-rated travel app for tourism recommendations or as a last-minute accommodation discoverer when that hotel you reserved isn’t precisely what you pictured online.

So, what are you waiting for,  install these apps now!


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