Linux Overview – History of Linux System

Linux Overview
Linux Overview

On Programmingy – Home of Programming Tutorials, we are starting a new Series of Linux Tutorials. This is our #1 Introductory article on Linux Overview. Here we will talk about various features, history and Advantages of Linux System. If you do have some doubts regarding this, please comment below.

What is LINUX?

  • Linux is a generic term referring to UNIX-Like GUI based computer operating System.
  • It is Multi-user, Multi-tasking, Multi-processing.
  • It also supports Multi-threading.
  • It can Co-exist with other Operating System. It can Run on Multiple Platforms.

Linux Overview –  History (Before Linux)

In 80s Microsoft DOS was the dominated OS PC. Apple MAC was better but expensive. UNIX was much better but much, much more expensive. Only for minicomputers and for commercial applications. Users were looking for a UNIX based system, which is cheaper and can run on PC.

After that many computer geeks and scientists tried to develop a PC version of Linux, but none of them got much success,

In Sept 1991 Linux Torvalds a second-year student of Computer Science developed the preliminary kernel of Linux known as Linux version of 0.0.1

Linux Today

  • Used for many computing platforms
  • widely popular for PC and Supercomputer
  • Over 50 million worldwide users
  • Linux is a free and open-source software

Why Linux – Reasons of Linux Worldwide Popularity

  • Powerful
  • Variety of distributions
  • Free and Open Source
  • Licensed under GPL
  • Stability, Speed and Security
  • No requirements for latest hardware
  • Multi-user, Multi-Processing, Multi-threading, Multi-tasking

This is it for today guys. In this Linux Tutorials series, next we will see the difference in UNIX and Linux, Basic Directory Structure, then we will move to shell programming. Hell lot of knowledge to come. If you do have any doubts just ask in comments or if you want a tutorial on some topic or you need a code for some program, contact via:


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