What is an Operating System and its Functions


We are back with another General Computer Science article. Today we will talk about something called Operating System. I am pretty sure, you all have heard about OS but we will see some details about OS. Some examples of OS you can give if someone asks you about OS – Android, Windows, Mac etc. You can read our other articles like What is Computer Programming or more at Programmingy. Let’s start this article quickly.

What’s an Operating System?

You’re a Human Being, You’re interacting with a hardware or a machine (i.e., Computer) How is that possible?
An Operating System is a System Software that provides you, an interface to interact with your computer. Without an OS in your system, your computer is just a piece of combined hardware.

Operating SystemS, Commonly Known as “OS”, is as important as Brain in our human body. It performs so many important Tasks. Before telling you the functions of OS, I will Tell You one thing – “OS IS EVERYTHING”. You will realize why I said this later in this article.

Goals of An Operating System

  • Execute User Programs
  • Make the Computer System Convenient to Use
  • Use the Computer Hardware more efficiently

Functions of an OS

  • Memory Management
    The OS Keeps track of primary memory. In Multi-Programming, Operating SystemsOS decides which process will get memory and for how much time. The Operating System is also responsible for Allocation of Memory to Processes.
  • Processor Management
    Processor Management is also known as process scheduling. In Multi-Programming, An OS decides which process gets the processor and for how much time.
  • Device Management
    The OS handles the Device Communication. OS decides which process will get the device and the time duration for which the process needs a device.
  • File Management
    Operating Systems makes the navigation to file system easy by organizing file system into directories.
  • Security
    OS prevents our computer systems from unauthorized access. You must have used Log-in Passwords in your windows or screen lock in your smartphones.
Operating System Functions
Operating System Functions

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