What is Computer Programming?


Let’s see an example first to understand what is a computer Programming Language. Suppose, you went to a new planet. You’re the only one of your kind. You don’t know the language of that people, they don’t know yours either. But the people on that planet are quite advanced, you believe you can learn a lot from them. You think you can use them to do your things in a better and efficient manner. But how? You don’t know their language. They are not interested in you so they are not going to make communication with you themselves first. In order to use them, you must learn to communicate with them first. How will you communicate? You have to learn their language.

Computer Programming Language Concept Explained

This new planet you went in the world of machines, the people you met over there are the computers. Programming is the way by which you will communicate with these aliens. YES, Computer Programming Languages are no different than your Normal Languages like Hindi, English, Russian etc. Every language has some predefined set of rules, grammar and conventions, in computer Programming Languages we do have those rules too (That is known as Syntax of Programming). These Rules (or syntax) differ in each programming language (Like syntax of Java is quite different from the syntax of Python). So let’s quickly wrap it up, Programming is the method of communication. By Programming Languages, you can make computers do, whatever you want.

Best Programming Language
Best Programming Language to Learn

Which Computer Programming Language is Best to learn?

A very commonly asked question by beginners. One-word answer is – None. Why so? If you’re visiting Russia, and you want to communicate with people over there you have to learn Russian. If you’re visiting South India, you have to learn the language of that area. If you’re travelling to somewhere in the Middle East, you must learn the language of that region to talk with locals over there. You just cannot select the best language in English, Hindi, Russian or any other language. It depends on where you’re going, to whom you want to talk.

EXACTLY same in computer Programming Languages. What is the purpose to learn Programming? Do you want to develop games in Future, Learn C++ may be? Do you want to develop Android Application Development? Learn to code in Java. Do you want to develop IOS application development? Learning Swift would be a great option. If you want to develop Windows Applications later, Learn C#. For Web Application Development learn PHP or python. That’s it, guys. No language is good or bad.
Yes, some languages are easier to learn. For beginners, I will suggest learning coding in C or Python. C is not an Object-Oriented Programming Language. still, it’s a good programming language to start with. You will have a strong grip in programming in future if you first learn C. Python would be another good option to learn first because IT IS VERY POPULAR. IT IS EASIER TO LEARN than most of other programming languages.

What is Computer Programming Language

That’s all for today, my lord. Hope you loved reading the Article on Computer Programming Languages and now you’re clear with all the facts I discussed over here. If you liked this post, please do a share on any of your social Media. You can learn many languages here on Programmingy, like PHP, C and C++.


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